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Group & On-Demand Angelic Energy Tune-Ups

Accelerate your healing with topical sessions.

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Equinox Session

Friday, September 25, 2020

This year’s autumn equinox falls on September 22, 2020, bringing with it a powerful opportunity for release and healing as well as for setting long-term objectives. The waxing moon in Capricorn on September 25 lends additional potency to sustainable planning.

Amplify your release and assist your goal-setting processes with the Equinox Session.

Live or on-demand access available. Specify your preference at checkout.



equinox session

Balance Session

On-Demand Only

Does your energy feel off-balance? Have you been unusually tired or stressed?

This session balances and aligns your energy, allowing for expanded comfort and contentment.

  • Balance your emotions and energy
  • Trust your body, mind, and spirit
  • Reconnect to your inner voice
  • Relieve exhaustion and stress



balance session

Motivation Session

On-Demand Only

Sometimes we all need a nudge to cross the next thing off our to-do list, whether that’s a school or personal project, a job assignment, a business venture, or organizing the garage.

Join the Motivation Session to:

  • Inspire action to achieve your objectives
  • Increase physical and mental energy
  • Clarify purpose, thoughts, and next steps
  • Ignite excitement for the process



On-Demand Healing Sessions

Available for Instant Access

Are you experiencing an acute concern, or would you like the convenience of having your healing session completed on your schedule?

  • Instant access to your chosen healing session following payment
  • Categorical healing: choose from sessions for emotional healing, inspiration, relationships, life purpose, psychic and intuitive development, and more
  • All energy retained from the original session – receive a potent and highly effective session



I’m a mentor, guide, and healer here to help you transcend harmful energy and patterns in your life, replacing them with love, stability, and joy. I channel my healing through my higher self and guides, receiving centuries-old guidance and combining it with years of education and experience in crystal therapy and intuitive work.

I offer both live and on-demand healing sessions, imparting grounding and soothing energy to my clients while stimulating deep transformation, transmutation, and release. I amplify beneficial energies in each of my sessions, helping my clients reach new heights personally, professionally, and spiritually.

Discover relief, inspiration, and expansion through energy healing. Work with me to heal your past, find your peace, and revolutionize your life.

Kat Michaels

Global Healer, Crystal Reiki Master, & Multidimensional Mentor

What Clients are Saying:

“I love my sessions with Kat. I have had a past life reading, a heal the witch, and heal the healer session with her. Every one has brought so much value to my own development, and I am really getting to know my soul. As a mental health therapist, the heal the healer session was much needed…it was also needed after a night of waitressing when I was at my wits end with a coworker. It brought me back to high vibration because I certainly got pulled to low vibration prior to the heal the healer session. I am working toward my intuitive/psychic development session and can’t wait!!! These past sessions have been little teasers, and now I am ready for some super in depth work! Thanks Kat!”


“Our beloved cat Harry is getting very old and dealing with some medical issues. Last week he took a turn for the worse and I thought he was not going to make it. He wouldn’t eat, was listless, seemed very unhappy and just wanted to sleep.

I contacted Kat to do Pet Reiki for him remotely. She did a session for him that evening and by morning he was running around, eating, purring and acting like a young, happy cat without a care in the world! It was an amazing difference, and a week later, he is still doing well and is extremely happy! 

Couldn’t be more pleased with Kat’s services. I will be calling on her again whenever needed for both my pets, myself, and other family members, and recommending her to my friends.”


“Kat invited me to do her first group healing session. I had never really had anything done like this before so wasn’t sure what to expect or what I’d feel. I woke up earlier than expected, I felt so energetically, creative and happy. I felt like I couldn’t sit still and my body was continually buzzing. My body also went through a physical detox which was great. The whole experience left me feeling light but also connected.

If you are unsure of a group session and whether it would benefit you, I definitely recommend you try it and invest in it. The results may surprise you very much.”


“I had a Blood Moon Angelic Energy Tune-Up.  During the session, I felt quite relaxed.  I did feel attention to my left ring finger.  I have been divorced for quite a few years, but it had been a difficult break-up and long divorce process.  Without going into detail, there were attachments still there and I feel that those attachments were addressed during my session. Kat recommended to drink lots of water in the days after the session and to eating plenty of fresh, organic fruit and vegetables, which I did not have a chance to do.  I ended up getting the flu a couple of days later.  I wonder now, if this had something to do with not following her instructions and allowing my body to detox in the manner in which it should have. Aside from having the flu for a couple of days, I am feeling more energetic and motivated.  Both of which I had been lacking.  So glad I found Kat!  Thank you so much!