Channeled Guidance

Connect to your guides for answers and advice.

Discuss ideas, alternatives, and courses of action with your guides, receiving direct feedback from those who know you best.

Whether you’re stressing over a particular course of action, looking to resolve indecision, or just searching for a clear answer from someone you can trust, a channeled guidance session can help you.

Ask specific questions of your guides or just find out what would be best for you to know in the moment. Get anything from a step-by-step action plan to general guidance regarding current opportunities – whatever is most aligned for you at the time of your session.


A deeper sense of purpose
Ideas and strategies for growth
Opportunities for expanded fulfillment


Poignant and powerful insights
Tailored and precise suggestions
Honest and supportive feedback


Clarity and peace of mind
Confidence in your decisions
Confirmation, ease, and comfort

During your channeled guidance session, I connect directly with your guides to obtain the information that you need to know. Whether you have specific questions or are looking for general guidance, you’ll get thorough and detailed information to aid you with whatever is happening in your life.

After your channeled guidance session has concluded, you’ll receive a detailed PDF report of all information and notes that came through during your session. I’ll send your report within 5 business days of your viewing.

Meditating during your session allows for expanded awareness, amplified connections, and a more mystical experience. Your meditation or lack thereof will not influence the quality of the information channeled.


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