Friday, 10/5/18

Group Pet Angelic Energy Tune-Up

Do you have a pet who struggles with pain, social anxiety, separation anxiety, or behavior issues? Have you ever considered energy healing for your pet?

Pets adore and appreciate energy healing. This 45-minute focused session will offer relief to sensitive pets who have been dealing with the intense collective energy lately.

We’ll release all that isn’t in the highest and best good of the pets who join, including pain, stress, anxiety, and past conditioning and experiences. We’ll also increase love, peace, joy, and harmony for the pets. Each pet’s vibrational frequency will be raised as high as possible for that pet.

The entire session will be performed from a distance, and your pet may join from anywhere in the world. I recommend keeping your pet at home in comfortable conditions and allowing him or her to relax as much as possible during the session.

The group pet sessions contain elements from the Pet Angelic Energy Tune-Up. Read More Here.

FRI., 10/5/18 ▪ 3:33 P.M. PDT (6:33 P.M. EST, 11:33 P.M. BST)

Sorry, this session has ended.