Hi, I’m Kat Michaels.

I’m honored to meet you.

My Background

I was always the mystic next door, an old-soul Scorpio who had plenty of esoteric information to share when asked.

Fascinated by religion and spirituality, I read every sacred text and theoretical work I could get my hands on, alongside studying secular interests like astrology, intuition, past lives, and the Tarot.

As my knowledge and interests developed, intuitive work remained a passion of mine, leading to my first business: a small natal chart service during my sophomore and junior years of college.

Though my mystical interests remained in the back of my mind, I soon found my time was monopolized by what I considered to be more serious engagements – two additional degree programs, including law school. In the process of developing my logical mind, I lost track of my intuitive and spiritual sides for several years.

Two years into my legal career (and two years into discovering on a personal level that logic was not, in fact, superior to intuition), I experienced a series of synchronicities that culminated in my learning energy healing. Following my Reiki attunement and several energy sessions with my mentor, my psychic senses were on fire – I’d never seen details with such clarity, heard directions with such precision, or known new information with such certainty.

Cards became superfluous, and I opened to channeling information directly from my guides – a skill that I’d longed to cultivate for years. I became an expert in energetic protection, learned to discern distinct energetic signatures, activated my DNA, and ignited latent gifts. I also discovered my natural abilities to instantly ground those around me and to perform healing work in multiple dimensions at once.

My Process

After awakening to energy healing, I was eager to develop my skills in other ways. I completed courses related to crystal therapy, sound healing, and angelic healing. I also added several different Reiki disciplines to my arsenal. It wasn’t long before I began combining processes from my various courses with information I’d received through spiritual downloads, developing my own type of energy healing in the process.

My Angelic Energy Tune-Ups® are the result of years of passionate study, honed techniques, and guided tweaks. I co-create each session with God, my angels and guides, and my higher self, tuning into the subtle frequencies needed to fulfill particular physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual needs. I first tested my process on myself, clearing years’ and lifetimes’ worth of trauma, anxiety, and fear that I had to shed in order to fully grow into my purpose. I’ve now used my process to help clients around the globe heal new and old issues, augment their skills, and improve their lives dramatically.

I’ve continually evolved my process, adding in more advanced techniques and using client feedback and intuitive guidance to streamline and improve my work. I also update my process as guided to match the earth’s current energetic bandwidth and vibration. As we collectively raise our frequency and the frequency of the earth, energy work becomes more potent, time becomes more fluid, and higher levels of expansion become more accessible. And as the collective consciousness evolves, there’s more of a need for energy work than ever before.

I’m grateful that you’ve landed in my space, and I look forward to sharing my work with you.

I’m excited to help you heal, transform, and grow however your soul yearns to.

Healing and Coaching Certifications

  • Certified Crystal Therapist

  • Advanced Crystal Master

  • Certified Sound Healer, Himalayan Singing Bowls, Bronze Level 1

  • Certified Angelic Healer
  • Certified Advanced Angelic Healer
  • Certified Life Purpose Coach
  • Certified Assertiveness Coach
  • Certified Meditation Instructor
  • Usui Reiki Master/Teacher

  • Crystal Reiki Master/Teacher

  • Angelic Reiki Master/Teacher

  • Animal Reiki Practitioner


  • Founder and Head Minister, Church of Mysticism
  • Ordained Minister, Universal Life Church
  • Member, International Reiki Organization