New Year’s Thought Prompts

by | Jan 2, 2021 | Thought Prompts

Happy New Year, and welcome to 2021!

The energy this year feels inspiring and expansive, and I can’t wait to see what the year brings.

What’s your New Year’s goal-setting process? You may have completed it weeks ago, or you may be deciding now what feels right for the year.

Personally, I sit down in the first week of the year, feel the energy, and determine what’s aligned for me. If something feels off, I tweak it until it doesn’t. I listen to my higher self, my guides, and my gut when I’m going through this process – and I (try to) leave the logic out of it.

Using this process, I’ve successfully met a vast majority of the goals I’ve set over my lifetime, though they don’t always go the way I would’ve expected! It’s always awe-inspiring to look back and realize that I didn’t even consider the process happening the way that it had, but that I was able to achieve what I wanted to achieve in the end. It gives me immense gratitude for all of the universal energies conspiring to help at any given time.

If you’re hoping for some help in setting your New Year’s goals, here are some thought prompts to aid you.

After you go through the thought prompts, it should be easier to set specific goals in core areas.

  • How do I want to feel at the end of the year? What emotions or energies would I like to enhance in my life?
  • What areas of my life would I like to improve? Is there anything that feels out of alignment? What about that situation or area could I shift to feel more in alignment with my goals and ideals? (Think about all aspects of your life when assessing whether anything is out of alignment – i.e. home/family/living situation, external relationships, work/school, finances, food/body/fitness, self-love/mental health, etc. If you don’t see a possible way to shift problematic situations, consider steps that you need to take to either gain clarity or move on from them.)
  • How do I feel about my relationship with my body? My mind? My intuition? Do I fully honor my body, mind, and intuition? What can I do to honor myself further?
  • Are there things that I do that chip away at my [relationships, self-respect, time, bank account, etc.]? How can I improve my processes in those areas?
  • How do I feel about the spiritual relationships in my life? Is there anything in particular that I’d like to focus on? Does the amount of time I spend on spiritual activities feel aligned to me?
  • What external relationships am I currently in that I’d like to develop further? What about each of these relationships feels aligned to me? Do I need to shift my responses or reactions in order to develop the relationship(s) the way that I’d like to?


Want to go even deeper with your goals this year?

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Bet on yourself this year.


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