On-Demand Sessions

Psychic and Intuitive Development

Past-Life On-Demand Session

Do recurring themes and patterns affect your life? Do you have inexplicable phobias or repeated nightmares? Do you experience persistent fears or negative associations? Does money slip through your fingers no matter how hard you try to save? Are you consistently finding yourself in relationships with the same type of men or women?

Oftentimes, experiences like these are associated with karma, conditioning, or vows from past lives. Karmic relationships with those people who aren’t right for us but we just can’t shake, unconscious poverty-minded thinking, and outdated vows of silence are among those things brought forward from past lives that plague individuals in this lifetime.

This session clears the effects of past lives, including the karma, associations, learned behavior, programming, and other effects that are able to be cleared. Once these and related issues have been cleared, beneficial aspects of your past lives will be enhanced and grounded in your present reality, including things like intuitive and other gifts, a natural sense of time management, critical thinking abilities, or other applicable attributes.

This is a healing session; no past-life reading is included with this session.


$44.44 – Available for Immediate Access

Karmic Healing Session

Karma often binds us to people, places, and things for the purpose of resolving situations that began in past lives or in this lifetime. This session is designed to release all harmful associations with karma, allowing for the beneficial aspects to spring into place and for the karma to be resolved.

  • Release harmful karmic connections with people, places, things, and situations
  • Curb unconscious thoughts and ways of being originating in karma
  • Increase autonomy and freedom of expression and action
  • Amplify abilities to resolve situations based on one’s highest good

This is a healing session; no past-life reading is included with this session.


$44.44 – Available for Immediate Access

Angelic Connections On-Demand Session

  • Enhance angelic communication
  • Uncover multidimensional gifts and abilities
  • Improve your understanding of synchronicities and other messages sent by your guides
  • Increase your vibration
  • Unblock, balance, and align all chakras
  • Amplify your clairs to allow for expanded psychic and spiritual experiences


$44.44 – Available for Immediate Access

Samhain Heal the Witch On-Demand Session

Harness the energy of Samhain/Halloween to Heal the Witch. Go deep to remove programming, harmful conditioning, and collective fears and phobias.

Clear collective memories of the harm caused to Witches throughout history; heal throat chakra issues preventing you from speaking your truth; and experience a new sense of freedom, personal expression, and magic.

In addition to the above, we’ll clear blocks to psychic skills; release outdated and coerced vows, agreements, and contracts; and release the actual and perceived karma associated with any lifetimes spent as Witches.


$44.44 – Available for Immediate Access

Pleiadian Alignment Starseed On-Demand Session

Each year around the middle of November, the Pleiades star cluster sits opposite the Sun, creating what is known as the Pleiadian Alignment. During this time, energetic upgrades and downloads increase, and intuitive gifts, healing abilities, and psychic skills are dramatically amplified.

The Pleiadian Alignment Starseed Session will allow you to take advantage of the Pleiadian Alignment energies, increase your intuitive and psychic skills, and elevate your vibrational frequency. The energy of this session was fully preserved at the time of the Pleiadian Alignment, and you’ll receive the same benefits as you would have if you’d completed the session live.

  • Amplify your psychic skills and ability to sense energy
  • Bring forth energetic upgrades and gifts from other dimensions
  • Increase your connections with star beings during meditation and dreamtime
  • Raise your vibrational frequency


$44.44 – Available for Immediate Access