On-Demand Sessions

Emotional Healing

Grief and Anxiety On-Demand Session

Grief affects us in many forms. You may be grieving the loss of a loved one, grieving the loss of a relationship, or grieving the loss of a part of yourself. Whatever your particular situation, this session is designed to shed the attachment, cords, and sadness associated with your grief, allowing you to move forward in peace and with a fresh perspective.

In addition to grief, we’ll also cover anxiety – that gripping fear in the pit of your stomach that manifests when you’re endlessly worried. We’ll address general anxiety and fear as well as specific anxiety that manifests regarding romance, family, friends, time, money, career, self-actualization, and other areas.

Peace, calm, tranquility, and relaxation will be boosted to help you as you heal from the emotions that we clear during the session.


$22.22 – Available for Immediate Access

Fear-Based Thinking On-Demand Session

Do you experience anxiety or panic? Are you worried consistently throughout the day, and do you tend to think in terms of the worst-case scenario? Is this something that you’ve tried to shift but with which you haven’t had much luck?

Oftentimes fear-based thinking roots itself in a thought pattern that’s habitual and cyclical in nature. This session is designed to disrupt harmful patterns of thinking so that you can establish new and beneficial thought patterns in place of the fear-based ones. By releasing stored energy that you have related to those thought patterns, we facilitate a shift to more positive thinking.

  • Release anxiety, fear, and doubt
  • Disrupt negative and harmful thought patterns
  • Repair energetic patterns of fear
  • Establish new and beneficial thought patterns
  • Shift to more positive ways of thinking and being


$22.22 – Available for Immediate Access

Inner Child On-Demand Session

We each have our own childhood wounds, and often they still affect us well into adulthood. Because these wounds happened at such a young age, it’s likely that we pushed them down, failing to deal with them fully at the time. Failing to process those wounds at the time didn’t avoid these memories forever – instead, it caused them to become pointed reminders of uncomfortable experiences. When that happens, triggering situations, relationships, and interactions can bring forward childhood wounds in a fresh way, preventing us from fully moving forward with our lives.

This session is designed to heal the emotional trauma, shame, humiliation, and self-doubt carried forward from childhood into adulthood. Family issues, experiences with bullies, toxic friendships, coming-of-age pains, and more will be cleared, and the harmful emotional energy that has remained for years will be released. We’ll also clear fear of failure, sense of abandonment, neediness, and more.

After these energies are cleared, we’ll amplify peace, love, joy, fun, appreciation, gratitude, sense of wonder, and happiness.


$22.22 – Available for Immediate Access

Willpower On-Demand Session

With the holidays in full swing and candy, cookies, and gift options surrounding us, it’s easy to get caught up in the moment and overstep our own boundaries.

Are you trying to reduce your sugar intake, but are you finding yourself sneaking extra candy canes and caramel corn? Did you set a strict holiday budget but keep wanting to exceed it?

This session will help you claim your power, root into alignment, and take those steps for your highest and best good instead of following the route to instant gratification and frustrated objectives.

  • Release unhealthy attachment
  • Reduce nonbeneficial coping mechanisms
  • Relieve stress, worry, doubt, and fatigue
  • Increase peace, happiness, and self-assurance
  • Maximize willpower and alignment
  • Raise your vibrational frequency


$22.22 – Available for Immediate Access

Assault and Abuse On-Demand Session

Assault and abuse have been front and center in the headlines recently, and it’s been triggering for many of us who have endured assault and abuse in our own lives. Whether verbal/emotional, physical, or sexual, assault and abuse are traumatizing experiences that can linger in one’s aura for decades, often never fully resolving. In some cases, the trauma causes a residual physical experience, making things even worse for the person. Even if someone is able to recover enough to function normally, painful associations may make it difficult for that person to fully enjoy life without fear or retraumatization.

This session is for those who have experienced assault and/or abuse and whose healing has been partially disrupted by recent events.

In this session, we’ll release harmful and discordant energies of all types, including those associated with former assault, abuse, and traumaMisplaced guilt, sadness, resentment, frustration, low self-worth, pain, physical associations, and more will be released. Each group member’s vibration will be raised, and we’ll amplify peace, happiness, joy, acceptance, understanding, love, and forgiveness, among other things.

The time has come for us to rise up and heal from the collective trauma that we’ve experienced. I’d be honored if you’d join me in doing so.


$22.22 – Available for Immediate Access