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To book your on-demand session, please expand the category of interest, then click the title of the session that you would like to book.

How Does an On-Demand Session Work?

An on-demand session is an energy work session saved in a format designed for easy access later. Once you’ve purchased an on-demand session, you’ll be redirected to a page with instructions and an incantation to use in calling the session forward. Once you read the incantation, you’ll feel a transference of energy as if you’d experienced the session live.

During my on-demand sessions, I use my signature Angelic Energy Tune-Up® process, which combines Reiki, crystal therapy, cord removal, chakra work, aura work, and angelic healing.

Access a sample report for an on-demand session HERE. 

Featured On-Demand Sessions

Featured on-demand sessions are sessions that match the current energy and that are being offered at 50% off for a limited time. You may purchase a single use of a featured on-demand session for $11.11, or you may purchase an unlimited 30-day pass for $55.55.

Interested in all 4 featured sessions? Purchase a single use of all four featured sessions for $33.33 or an unlimited 30-day pass of all four featured sessions for $188.88.

Current featured on-demand sessions include the Happiness Session, the Immunity Session, the Raise Your Vibration Session, and the Wellness Session.

Click here to book your featured on-demand sessions.

Recent Live Sessions

Equinox Session

Lunar Eclipse Session

Dawn of a Decade Session

$33.33 Each – Available for Immediate Access

Abundance Sessions

Good Fortune Session

Prosperity Session

$22.22 Each – Available for Immediate Access

Glamour Sessions

Beauty Session

Skin Session

$22.22 Each – Available for Immediate Access

Life Purpose Sessions

Heal the Healer Session

Open to Your Purpose Session

$44.44 Each – Available for Immediate Access

Reincarnation Sessions

Karmic Healing Session

Past-Life Session

Samhain Heal the Witch Session

$44.44 Each – Available for Immediate Access

Children's Sessions

Healthy Development Session

Mobility Session

Nursing Session

Teething Session

Pet Sessions

Pet Session

$22.22 – Available for Immediate Access