Past-Life Viewings

Improve your present by uncovering your past.

Your experiences, associations, fears, and reactions in this lifetime may relate to one or more of your past lives.

Reveal and release karma, ancient vows, and subconscious forces to make your own determinations going forward – regardless of what conditioning, programming, or experiences you’ve had in prior lifetimes.


Latent gifts and abilities
Opportunities for growth
Answers and information
Past-life histories and lessons


Persistent patterns
Phobias and biases
Karmic relationships
Compulsive behaviors


Quirks and talents
Dreams and messages
Otherworldly connections
Soul contracts and soul mates

Your past-life viewing determines the information that is most helpful and relevant to you now.

You’re welcome to ask specific questions, especially about places, people, or things that cause any level of déjà vu.

After your past-life viewing has concluded, you’ll receive a detailed typed PDF report of all channeled information and notes that came through during your reading. I’ve often been told that this reads like a movie script due to the way I see and hear past lives occurring during the viewings. I’ll send your report within 5 business days of your viewing.

Scheduling your viewing allows you an opportunity to meditate while I’m connecting to the Akashic Records. Meditation may inspire a regression-like experience where you see, feel, or hear information regarding your past lives.


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