Andromedan Lineup Session

andromedan lineup session

From April 16-18, the Earth and the Sun align with Andromeda, providing an increased opportunity to tap into the galaxy’s potent energy.

Join the Andromedan Lineup Session to:

  • Encourage philanthropy and selfless service
  • Expand spiritual communication and connect to star beings
  • Enhance individuality, self-assurance, authenticity, and autonomy


Friday, April 16, 2021 · 5:55 p.m. PDT (8:55 p.m. EDT)

Live or on-demand access available.


andromedan lineup session

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How Does This Work?

This session is available in live or on-demand formats. Choose your desired format at purchase.

The healing techniques and procedures used in this session will be channeled in the moment for the group. The group includes all future clients who will complete the session in an on-demand format.

Once you complete your purchase, you’ll be directed to a page with session instructions, and you’ll receive a series of e-mails with relevant resources, reminders, and, for those who purchase the session on demand, an incantation following the completion of the live session. After reading the incantation, you’ll feel a transference of energy as if you’d experienced the session live.

There is no associated video, audio, or webinar link with this session. I recommend meditation, sleep, or relaxation with a focus on healing. Relaxing music of your choice is perfectly acceptable. You may enjoy a meditative activity during your session (i.e. walking, drawing, coloring, or yoga).

If you are interested in a customized individual session, please visit me here.

By booking this session, you agree to the Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions.

I am not a doctor, psychologist, or other medical professional. This session is not intended to diagnose, prevent, treat, or cure any illness. Please discuss any new energy healing program with your doctor. See your doctor for acute symptoms.

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