Seek New Heights

by | Jan 26, 2021 | Thought Prompts

With just a couple of days left until the first full moon of 2021, it’s a great time to take stock of our objectives for the year and see what still feels aligned for us.
Did you write out a whole list of New Year’s resolutions that you’ve had a tough time pursuing due to your energy level, schedule, or desires? Did you carefully tailor just a few goals to get you exactly where you want to go?
Regardless of your method, the following exercise can help you gain clarity going forward.

When you look through your goals, consider the following with respect to each one of them:

  • How does this goal make me feel? Do I feel tense and worried? Excited and open? Inspired and happy?
  • Why does this goal make me feel the way that it does? (it’s best to go with your intuitive answer here)
  • Does this goal feel big enough, or is it one that I can reach easily?
  • What steps could I take today to help me with this goal? Do I want to take those steps? Why or why not?
If the goal feels misaligned or uninspired, shift it. If you aren’t inspired to take the steps to reach the goal, you’ll have a tough time getting there – and won’t it be more fun to achieve an aligned goal?
If your goal feels too small, make it bigger! This is your chance to seek new heights. 2021 is about personal expansion, so bring your dreams to the forefront. Don’t worry about how you’ll achieve them – set the intention, check the alignment, and go for it.
Trust your intuition – and ask your guides – to show you the necessary steps as you’re moving forward toward the goal this year. You might be surprised at the synchronistic opportunities that pop up.


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