Friday, 9/28/18

The Breakup Session

This has been a year of release, regeneration, and renewal. Along the way, have you lost a relationship that was close to you? The Breakup Session is designed for those experiencing the effects of a breakup, separation, or divorce.

  • Release sadness, frustration, resentment, doubt, and sense of failure
  • Let go of unhealthy attachment and expectations
  • Remove nonbeneficial etheric cords connecting you to the other person
  • Increase independence, self-reliance, self-love, and self-satisfaction
  • Amplify charisma, happiness, and confidence
  • Increase your vibrational frequency

This session is $11.11 per person.

All group sessions contain elements from my Angelic Energy Tune-Ups.

FRI., 9/28/18 ▪ 3:33 P.M. PDT (6:33 P.M. EST, 11:33 P.M. BST)

Sorry, this session has ended.