Friday, 9/7/18

The Educator Session

Are you a teacher, professor, aide, or other educator or school administrator? School is back in session, which means that stress, frustration, and some overwhelm are likely to have taken root. I’m offering a special session for all educators and school administrators to release the issues that have come up.

Are the kids in class acting overly energetic and feisty after summer break, leading you to exhaustion? Are you lacking time in which to complete your lesson plans? Are you struggling to gain control of your class? We’ll focus on these points and more, covering boundary issues, self-doubt, fear of violence, and other issues that plague educators on a regular basis. We’ll also maximize charisma, understanding, articulation, and more.

As recognition for all that you do as educators, this session is $11.11 per person instead of the usual $22.22 for a specialized group session. Thank you for supporting today’s youth.

All group sessions contain elements from the Angelic Energy Tune-Up. Read More Here.

FRI., 9/7/18 ▪ 5:55 P.M. PDT (8:55 P.M. EST, 8/9/18 1:55 A.M. BST)


This session has ended.