Friday, 9/21/18

The Equinox Session

Autumn is almost officially here, and it’s an amazing season for grounded, focused work; deep self-exploration; and intricate, planned, life-improving personal development.

Do you want to dig into the magic of fall and expand your being? Join the Equinox Session.

  • Release pain, worry, fear, and doubt
  • Improve discernment of your best path forward
  • Increase focus, motivation, inspiration, and action
  • Maximize self-exploration, understanding, and development
  • Let go of dependence on others’ thoughts, feelings, or expectations
  • Undo blocks throughout your entire chakra system, root through crown, including all subchakras

$22.22 per person. All group sessions contain elements from the Angelic Energy Tune-Up. Read More Here.

FRI., 9/21/18 ▪ 5:55 P.M. PDT (8:55 P.M. EST, 9/22/18 1:55 A.M. BST)


Sorry, this session has ended.