Friday, 10/5/18

The Libra Session

This session is designed for Libra sun signs as well as those who fall on either Libra cusp. If you’re a Libra ascendant, Libra moon, or generally have Libra tendencies, this session would be wonderful for you, too.

In this session, we will:

  • Release the tendency to psychoanalyze, overthink, and overexamine
  • Let go of unrealistic expectations and attachments
  • Reduce perfectionism and the need to be “right”
  • Minimize unhealthy relationship patterns
  • Maximize decisiveness and direction
  • Assist decision-making processes
  • Increase healthy levels of independence
  • Maximize interdependence in relationships
  • Amplify abundance, impact, and personal growth
  • Create and/or maintain necessary energetic boundaries

$22.22 per person

All group sessions contain elements from the Angelic Energy Tune-Up. Read More Here.

FRI., 10/5/18 ▪ 5:55 P.M. PDT (8:55 P.M. EST, 10/6/18 1:55 A.M. BST)


Sorry, this session has ended.