Friday, 8/31/18

The Virgo Session

Join us for a peaceful and earth-centered 1-hour group zodiac session focused entirely on Virgos. Clear any unhealthy patterns related to perfectionism, control, and attachment, while decreasing stress, sense of obligation, and worry. We’ll also maximize peace, contentment, and joy, as well as increasing love, self-satisfaction, and relaxation.

This session is designed for Virgo sun signs as well as those who fall on either Virgo cusp. If you’re a Virgo ascendant, Virgo moon, or generally have Virgo tendencies, this session would be wonderful for you, too.

All group sessions contain elements from the Angelic Energy Tune-Up. Read More Here.

FRI., 8/31/18 ▪ 5:55 P.M. PDT (8:55 P.M. EST, 1/9/18 1:55 A.M. BST)

This session has ended.