Welcome to the Great Conjunction

by | Dec 21, 2020 | Energy Assessments

Happy solstice, and welcome to the much-anticipated Jupiter-Saturn conjunction.

A conjunction this physically close hasn’t occurred for 400 years, and it’s been nearly 800 years since a similar conjunction was visible.

Today’s conjunction highlights the most powerful aspects of Jupiter and Saturn – with respect to Jupiter, luck, manifestation, and forward momentum, and with respect to Saturn, personal responsibility, hard work, and earned consequences. Further amplifying the manifestation potential is today’s waxing moon. To capitalize on the astrological power today, tune inward, confirm your most purpose-based desires, and determine your corresponding goals for the next few months. Listen to your internal guidance regarding the steps to take to accomplish these goals.

The conjunction comes on the heels of Saturn’s transition into Aquarius on December 17, 2020, and has often been heralded as an astrological event that will launch us into the Age of Aquarius – an age of free thought, re-imagined structures, and higher purpose.

Saturn is the planet of responsibility, tradition, rules, and hierarchies – those things that Aquarius seeks to evolve to be more free-flowing and value-driven. Though Saturn remains in Aquarius until March 2023, as an astrological age, the Age of Aquarius will last for over 2,000 years.

The Age of Aquarius brings us into the fifth dimension and offers an opportunity for us to shed karma completely, leaving it in the Age of Pisces. In leaving karma behind and moving to a more purpose-driven existence, we must dig deep; find our life purposes; and live those out to the fullest extent possible, regardless of how practical or realistic they seem now.

Indeed, the Age of Aquarius teaches us that anything is possible – and that the limitations of our existence are primarily those we place on ourselves.

It’s our job during the coming years to dissolve those barriers and propel ourselves to a new and enlightened existence.

To everyone who has weathered the energy for the past year and who is excited to be here, in the Age of Aquarius – welcome! It’s an honor to be in the fifth dimension with you, and I look forward to sharing this space.

Suggested crystals to maximize today’s energy in your life include orange kyanite for empowered spiritual growth, astrophyllite to connect you to cosmic power, smoky quartz to anchor in new energies, and citrine to clear out old karma and bring in new light.



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